5 Tricks to Planning a River Rafting Adventure

5 Tricks to Planning a River Rafting Adventure

Whether you plan on taking a river rafting trip with a few friends or with your entire family, there’s no doubt it will offer plenty of thrills along the way. However, to make sure you and the whole gang have as much fun as possible, it’s important to plan out as many details as possible. Since these trips will take place in areas of the country that are often very remote, knowing how to plan ahead can be crucial not only to ensure your fun, but also the safety of the group. To learn more about how to plan your adventure, here are five tricks to keep in mind.

Check the Weather Forecast
Before grabbing your raft and heading out for your trip, it’s always a good idea to check the latest weather forecast for your destination. If you can’t find a forecast for your exact area, look to the forecast for the nearest city, which will give you a good idea of what to expect.
View the Bureau of Land Management Website
While many people don’t think to do this, it’s a very important step in planning your trip. By doing so, you can get additional details about the various rivers and other waterways that will be on your itinerary.

Use River Maps to Plan Your Route
After you’ve paid a visit to the Bureau of Land Management website, use the online river maps to plan your route as precisely as possible. If you don’t, you may find yourself spending way too much time carrying a raft rather than riding in it down a river. And along with planning your river routes, the maps will also contain public campgrounds that you and your group can use if your trip will be several days long.
Check for Cell Phone Coverage
In today’s world, there are very few places where you don’t have cell phone coverage. However, they do still exist, so it’s best to check with your cell phone company to make sure you’ll have a signal when you need it. If after doing this you discover cell service won’t be available, look for the nearest city instead.

Make a To-Do List
Finally, be sure to make a To-Do list before you start packing for the river rafting adventure of a lifetime. By doing this, you’ll lessen the chances of forgetting something essential. And along with this, it will give you the chance to get all of your gear together beforehand, where you can inspect it and replace anything that may be defective.

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