5 Tips for Planting Trees in the Fall

Planting a new tree is a great way to beautify a yard. From enhancing the curb appeal of a property to the many potential environmental benefits that trees are able to provide, there are numerous reasons why home and property owners may wish to plant a tree. A few helpful tips can go a long way towards ensuring the entire process is able to be as successful as possible.

1. Choosing the Right Tree

Selecting the right tree for the climate and environment are both important concerns. Property owners would also do well to avoid broad-leaved evergreens when planting in the fall. Not every species of tree sapling may be hardy enough to withstand the winter.

2. Selecting the Best Location

When it comes to the concerns that need to be addressed in order to find the best location to plant a new tree, ideal soil conditions and plenty of room for the development of root systems are just the start. Trees can often grow much faster than homeowners might imagine and those that are too close to the foundation or a hardscaped area could lead to no end of problems. Always leave plenty of room for growth when choosing the spot to plant a new tree.

3. Preparing the Hole

A poorly prepared site can place new saplings at a real disadvantage. The dimensions of the hole can differ considerably from one species of tree to the next so property owners would do well to conduct a little research. Sun exposure, soil moisture and other considerations may also need to be taken into account when preparing the hole.

4. Mulch, Steaks and Other Resources

Placing mulch around the a new sapling or using a steak in order to provide additional support can make quite a difference. Younger trees can often be more fragile and more susceptible to the elements than their older counterparts. Seeking out any additional resources that may be required to provide them with protection and ideal growing conditions is always a good idea.

5. Watering and Maintaining a New Tree

Even the hardiest of trees may need a little help. Keeping an eye on the sapling and ensuring that the soil is getting plenty of water can make a real difference. Neglecting a new tree could decrease its chances for surviving through the winter an into the new year.

Creating the Perfect Landscape

A new tree can make a handsome addition to lawns, landscape designs and exterior environments. Seeking out some additional tips in order to ensure they are able to select the right tree and location may help making the planting process that much easier. A new tree that has been successfully planted during the fall could have quite an impact on its surroundings in the spring.

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