5 Tips for Heating and Cooling Your She Shed

You love your she shed. It’s your place to have some time all to yourself. Unfortunately, not every she shed is comfortable in all types of weather. You can change that by making a few changes and adding the right type of climate control system. Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Insulation is Your Friend

One of the first things you want to do is install insulation in the walls and the ceiling. The insulation makes it easier to heat and cool the space. You’ll find that on the hottest day of summer and the coldest night of winter, your private space will be easy to keep at the ideal temperature. Remember to add a second roof that provides additional cover. That further helps prevent the insulation from absorbing heat or cold.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

You don’t settle for less than double-pane windows in your home, so why would you want anything else for your she shed? This type of glass creates a barrier to keep heat or cold from filtering in from outside. You can still enjoy the view and not feel a bit of heat or a little chill when you stand close to the windows.

Invest in a Mini HVAC System Complete With Ductwork

Did you know there are smaller versions of the HVAC system that heats and cools your home? While this option is a little pricey, you’re worth it. Just like the home system, this one comes with ductwork and air vents that will supply the shed with warm or cool air. You adjust the settings and the temperature will be just right all the time.

You Can Also Go Ductless

If the expense of a small HVAC system seems a little daunting, go with a ductless system. They are made to heat and cool square footage that’s similar to your she shed. There is no ductwork to install. Place one part of the unit under a window on the inside and the other part on the outside. It’s easy to connect the two using holes that are no larger than a standard TV cable. These units take up very little space and will ensure you’re comfortable any time of the year.

Consider a Window AC/Heater

You’ve heard of window air conditioners that help keep you cool, but did you know there are units that can supply hot or cold air? This type of unit is easy to slip into a window for summer and winter. You can remove and store it during the more moderate spring and autumn if you like.

There’s no reason to allow the temperature to interfere with enjoying your she shed. With some minor structural changes and the right heating and cooling source, it’s possible to escape to your own private space any time of the year. You’ll love being cool while you watch the sun shine in summer almost as much as you enjoy being toasty warm while you watch the snow fall in winter.

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