5 Simple Tips for Packing Your Furniture During a Move

5 Simple Tips for Packing Your Furniture During a Move

Furniture can take up a lot of space in a move, when you are moving in a moving truck or van. In addition, you may need to pack certain pieces of furniture in protective wrapping, which can be both costly and wasteful, since you will most likely throw it away once you arrive at your destination. There are, however, a number of simple tricks you can use to pack furniture in the most efficient way during a move. Here are 5 simple tips for packing your furniture during a move.

1. Decide whether it is really more economical to move it or just buy new furniture

Sometimes, the best trick to packing furniture is to not pack it at all. Many times, people will lug large furniture pieces across the country only to discover it doesn’t even fit in their new home. When you consider the cost of a larger vs. smaller truck or portable storage unit and the hassle of moving furniture, you may be far better off simply selling your largest furniture pieces and purchasing new ones once you arrive.

2. Play tetris

One of the best ways to pack furniture is to stack it or fit it together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Tables can often nest beneath each other and many love seats or arm chairs can be turned upside down and nested on top of larger couches. You can also turn tables upside down and pack them table-top to table-top in the truck, with padding between them. Also, you can use all available space, by packing smaller or softer items in, around and under furniture.

3. Use linens and clothing as packing materials

There are any number of items in your home that you have to move anyway that can be used as packing materials. Put your bed pillows in heavy plastic bags to keep them safe from dust, pollens or other allergens, and then put them inside old pillowcases or even t-shirts. This will allow them to be put into service protecting larger furniture pieces from colliding with other things. T-shirts and bath towels also make great protective pads. When you arrive at your destination, you can simply wash all your packing materials and they are ready to go back into use for their intended purpose.

4. Empty furniture

Emptying drawers and shelves will make your furniture lighter to move, as well as giving you a great opportunity to sort through your things and throw out or donate anything you don’t really need.

5. Disassemble anything that can be taken apart

Even better than stacking your furniture is being able to stack components – which will take up far less space overall. Put any screws or other materials in a plastic zipper bag and then tape the bag firmly to one of the main component pieces. Then they will not get lost in the move.

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