5 Signs It Is Time to Get Your Eyes Checked

Your eyes are an essential part of your body, and when there are issues with them, then it often takes away the ability to see the things that you enjoy. Routine eye exams can often detect diseases and other issues so that they can be treated during the early stages. If you don’t regularly see an eye doctor, there are a few signs that can alert you that it’s time to get your eyes checked.

1. Vision Changes
If you notice any changes in your vision, then you need to see a doctor to have tests performed to determine what could be causing those changes. Sometimes, you’ll notice more changes at night than during the day because there’s not as much light to rely on for seeing what’s around you. Symptoms include seeing images that appear to be distorted or odd lights around objects while you’re driving on the road at night.

2. Health Conditions
There are some conditions that can impact the health of your eyes, such as diabetes. If you’ve been diagnosed with one of these issues, then you should visit an eye doctor regularly to ensure that the condition doesn’t impact your vision. Medications and treatments can often be prescribed that not only help with your health condition but with your vision as well.

3. Signs Of Infection
Seeing any kind of drainage from your eyes could be a sign of an infection. Your doctor can examine your eyes to determine the severity of the infection and if it has spread to other areas of your eye or the other eye. When you meet with your doctor, try to give as many details about the color of the drainage and whether there is any kind of pain associated with the drainage that you experience.

4. Migraines
Issues with your vision or the health of your eyes can often lead to migraines. If you have trouble seeing clearly or strain to see words or images, especially those that are right in front of you, then a vision test is likely needed. Glasses or contacts can usually be worn to correct these issues.

5. Sensitivity
Light sensitivity can sometimes be an indication that there is an issue with your eyes. An abrasion on your cornea or an infection are usually the most common issues. Tests can be performed to determine the exact cause of why you might be sensitive to light as it can sometimes lead to further health issues.

Although you might have minor issues with your vision or with your eyes, a visit to your eye doctor can often diagnose whether you need any kind of treatment or not. Whether you need medications or corrective lenses, you need to follow all orders given in order to promote good eye health. Even after treatments, you need to visit your doctor to maintain the health of your eyes to prevent vision loss in the future.

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