5 Reasons your Small Business Needs Mailing Services

5 Reasons your Small Business Needs Mailing Services

Small businesses that either have limited resources or experience rapid expansion should consider using a professional mailing service.

Types of Mail
Mailing services are an excellent option for certain business needs. Mail that is sent first or optimal class with exclusive or time-sensitive content will benefit from a professional mailing service. For instance, a law firm that sends out subpoenas or other official documents with legal deadlines should use a mailing service. On the other hand, companies that deal with non-urgent office product shipments will not need speedy deliveries, but may benefit from having a professional third-party organize and streamline their shipping process.

Mail Processing
Businesses that still process large amounts of mail by hand will benefit from an automated system that sorts and applies postage. Outsourcing and automatic mail operations are proven ways to shorten business processes and procedures while reducing human error. Automation technology allows third-party mail service providers to properly and accurately weigh, sort and apply postage in an efficient and organized manner. Automated systems also provide valuable data reports regarding incoming and outgoing mail volume. This business intelligence can be used to measure productivity and business growth.

Small Outbound Mail Weight
If your businesses’ mail is within the USPS’ weight regulations and requirements for first class mail, you are better off using a private mail service provider. Mail service providers remain competitive and profitably by significantly reducing the costs of mail items that are under a pound. This is usually incorporated into their business model because they do not heavily invest human, financial and transportation resources into equipment and services for mass shipments. Mail service providers may also be able to negotiate a better rate for a variety of mail types and sizes.

Mail Destination
Certain mailing services providers cater to niche markets. That means that some mail service providers exclusively deliver domestically while others mainly deliver overseas. Other mailing services providers focus on select local or international geographic regions, such as the Northwest or Southern Asia. Due to the fact that rates and qualifications change according to the final destination, small companies should carefully shop for the best mail service provider that will be able to grow with their business. Companies that import goods into the U.S. must work with a shipping company that employs licensed Customs Brokers.

Mail items that are time sensitive or high value will need additional security and visibility. Many mail service providers offer real-time updates on shipments. Having this information drastically increases logistical flexibility and decision making. This is especially important when shipping overseas or when shipping hundreds of simultaneous packages. An added benefit is that small businesses can easily request shipping updates to share with their customers. Some mail service providers provide web-based logistics portals that allow customers to view the statuses of their shipments.

Small businesses should consider how frequently they send out mail and how many resources go into internal mail processing.

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