5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Employees Drug Tested

There is a lot of misinformation regarding why employees administer drug tests to their employees. Many workers believe it is simply a matter of distrust on the part of their employer. Others may say it is because a business wants to protect itself from dangers associated with drug use. The following is a look at a few reasons employers administer drug tests to workers.


Workers under the influence of drugs are a danger to themselves as well as the people working with them. There is an increased risk of accidents and falls involving employees under the influence of drugs. A drug impaired worker can also be a source of danger when they are unable to follow safety protocol due to their lack of sobriety.

Avoid Lawsuit

When the actions of your employee result in the injury of an individual, an investigation will be conducted. And if a legal claim is filed as a result of the injury it will not be the employee who will face the consequences. If evidence is found that your employee was under the influence of drugs when an accident occurs, you could pay much more to settle the claim.

Maintain Productivity

Even when drug use in the workplace does not cause accident or injury, it may still negatively impact the productivity of your business. Drugs have a huge effect on both the mind and body of the person using them. An employee on drugs is less likely to be capable of performing the work necessary to maintain the level of productivity you desire.

Help Drug Users

An employee who is using drugs is a person that needs help. It is commonly believed drug tests are used to relieve persons of their job duties when they are found to use drugs. The truth is, many companies assure employees receive the help they need after testing positive for drug use. Put simply, drug testing your employees just might save a life.

Business Reputation

Business owners must also consider the damage to their business reputation if the actions of a drug using employee results in a lawsuit being filed against them. If it is discovered through investigation that a history of drug use existed with an employee and nothing was done to address the issue, your business reputation may suffer irreparable damage.

The Bottom Line

The topic of drug testing employees has been a hotly debated one for some time. However, the five reasons discussed above might be enough to convince you that employee drug testing is needed for your business.

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