5 Reasons to Treat Urinary Incontinence Immediately

5 Reasons to Treat Urinary Incontinence Immediately

Urinary incontinence develops when you lose control of your bladder. The condition can make you empty the bladder unexpectedly. In some cases, you may experience only minor leakages. In others, you may empty the bladder’s contents completely. This is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. Here are five reasons why.

Repeated Urinary Infections

The frequent leakages due to the inability of the bladder to hold back its contents may predispose the urinary tract to frequent infections. This is more prevalent in women because they frequently have to wipe themselves after every leakage. Bacteria from the large intestine can escape the anus in the process and travel up to the bladder, causing a serious infection. The infection may proceed to the kidneys if not treated on time.


Prolapse occurs when the muscles and tissues that hold everything in the lower part of the belly get stretched out or become weak. It is a urinary incontinence complication that mainly occurs in women. The bladder and urethra drop down into the entrance of the vagina, causing serious problems. This condition often requires a surgical procedure to correct.

Skin Problems

Urinary incontinence exposes the skin to various types of injuries. Over-exposure to moisture, for example, can make the skin to become very fragile. This puts the skin at a greater risk of bruising. Rashes may develop on the skin due to constant exposure to chemicals and moisture present in the urine. The incontinence may also lead to bacterial infections on the skin. This is very dangerous to the elderly patients whose skins are characteristically dry. Other people may develop fungal infections. One can easily control these skin problems by observing proper hygiene all the time.

Impact on Your Working Life

Urinary incontinence can interrupt your work life significantly. The feeling of needing to constantly go the bathroom can impair your ability to concentrate at work. The condition may also affect your confidence since you have to watch yourself all the time. You may also suffer from reduced energy levels if the condition continually disrupts your sleep.

Impact on Your Personal Life

Urinary incontinence can have an impact on you social and sex life. It may also affect your mental well-being. People may be afraid to engage in sex because they fear they will leak. This can lead to unstable relationships, especially when the other partner does not know what is going on.

Some people worry that they smell. As result, they avoid social situations to escape embarrassments. The condition may also hinder some people from participating in leisure activities, such as swimming, playing football, dancing or exercising. Others may fail to enroll in academic programs because they are afraid of interrupting their lessons.

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