5 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

Sealcoating asphalt, pavement and other hard surfaces can provide a number of key benefits. From commercial property owners seeking to enhance the safety of their visitors and associates to real-estate investors interested in ways to preserve property values, the decision to sealcoat a parking lot can often an important one. Boosting the overall appearance of the property and extending the longevity of parking lot installations and building materials could end up making quite a difference.

1. Improved Traction

Moisture that pools along the pavement of a parking lot can significantly reduce traction. Sealcoating that promotes superior drainage helps to minimize the risk of a slip-and-fall accident as well as the chance of a low-speed collision. Safety is an important responsibility and improved traction throughout the parking lot is not something that should be taken lightly.

2. Enhanced Appearance

The appearance of a commercial property can say a lot about a business or organization. Parking lots that have been improperly maintained or that may be showing signs of wear are rarely able to make the right impression. A fresh sealcoat helps to improve the overall look and appearance of a building’s exterior.

3. Minimize Upkeep

When properly sealed against the elements, asphalts and other hardscape materials will require much less upkeep. Finding ways to minimize the costs associated with property maintenance can help to reduce overhead costs. A professional sealcoat may even be able to pay for itself over time.

4. Superior Durability

Even well maintained installations and materials may still become damaged. Sealcoating offers protection from the moisture and UV exposure that might weaken surfaces and leave materials at increased risk of being damaged. Having to repair a parking lot prematurely can often entail much greater expense than would have been needed to provide surfaces and materials with superior protection.

5. Optimize Longevity

Repaving a parking lot can be a nightmare for businesses and commercial organizations. Leaving staff and visitors without a place to park for any length of time can result in considerable inconvenience. Sealcoating can help optimize longevity and ensure that parking lots are able to last for as long as possible.

Those who own a business would do well to ensure that their physical location and environment are being properly maintained. Parking lots that have problems with water drainage or that have suffered signs of visible wear or damage can become a real eyesore. Taking steps to prevent any issues that might otherwise detract from the curb appeal of a business ensures that organizations will be able to benefit from more attractive surroundings. An unprofessional image or an initial impression that might be less than ideal can cause lasting damage to a business’s brand or identity.

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