5 Questions to Ask at Your First Psychic Reading

5 Questions to Ask at Your First Psychic Reading

Your first psychic reading is bound to be an unforgettable experience. You may not know much about spiritual guidance, or you may even be a skeptic. Before selecting a psychic and receiving your first reading, you should sit down and brainstorm for a bit with paper and pen to find out what the focus of your reading should be. You may be tempted to ask a wide range of questions, but you will gain the most guidance from the session if you have clear intentions and take an active role in finding the answers for them. Here are five questions that you can ask to make the most out of your reading:

1. What does the universe want me to know most today?
Start your reading receptively, see what the psychic says and if it corresponds with any of the topics you want to focus on.

2. What can you tell me about…[your predetermined focus topic/or subject brought up in question 1]?
If this is the most important message from the universe or the most pressing issue in your life, make sure you find out all that you can about it!

3. What changes should I make to attract success [in chosen topic]?
If some area in your life is less than stellar, ask for insight to help you turn your luck around.

4. Are there any ways I am limiting myself?
No matter what topic you may choose to ask this about- relationships, career, self-esteem or spirituality, there can be ways we may sabotoge our success, asking this question can bring awareness to our destructive tendencies and may help find ways to curb them.

5. How do I develop my own intuitive gifts?
Everyone has a special intuitive gift and some guidance may help you sharpen and grow it.

Remember, it is good to ask open-ended questions rather than questions where the answer is yes or no. For example:”Will my boyfriend cheat” is a yes/no question, while “Why do I feel like my boyfriend is always looking at other women?” is multi-faceted. The open ended question enables the psychic to explore more nuances, including your feelings about the question. Open ended questions allow you to see the situation as something that you can make a decision about, rather than a taking a reactive or passive position of waiting for the boyfriend to call the shots and stripping you of agency in the relationship.

Make the most out of your reading by asking the right questions. Getting guidance from the universe is a wonderful way to help yourself and take an active role in your life.

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