5 Questions to Ask When Becoming a Foster Parent

5 Questions to Ask When Becoming a Foster Parent

Many people desire to become a foster parent as a way to give back to kids who are in need of a safe and loving home. Becoming a foster parent is a decision that impacts both the lives of the parents and the child that is cared for in the home. When you’re ready to take the step, there are a few necessary questions to ask as you step into the new role.

1. What is Their Reason for Coming into Care?

Understanding the foster child’s background and why they’re placed in a foster care home will allow you to determine what type of care they may need, according to thespruce.com. Some of the most common reasons the child may need care are due to sexual or physical abuse, a lack of food, poor condition of their home, and lack of medical care.

2. Does the Child Have Sufficient Clothing?

Understanding how much clothing the child will arrive with will allow you to prepare and determine if you need to stock up on pants, shirts, and shoes. If the child doesn’t have enough to wear, you can ask about their size and gender to begin looking around for the right items before they arrive.

3. Does the Child Suffer from Mental Illness?

According to project127.com, it’s important to ask if the child has been diagnosed with mental illness and if they’re currently in therapy. Understanding their behaviors and psychological well-being will make it easier to know what to expect once they’re in your home. You can research ways to help them cope and work with a professional to determine if certain steps need to be taken.

4. How is the Child’s Health?

Providing proper care for the child’s health is one of the most important parts of hosting the child to ensure that they can thrive and have their medical needs met. Inquiring about their background and current health state will give you an idea of how often you’ll need to schedule doctor appointments and if they’ll need upcoming procedures or treatments. The health of the child will determine the level of care that they’ll need and if they’ll need more assistance in your home.

5. How Long Will the Child Be in My Care?

Understanding how long the child will be staying in your home will allow you to determine what they’ll need if it’s a short or long-term visit. If they are staying with you for up to a year, consider decorating a room of the home where they’ll feel comfortable. Knowing their interests and gender will make it easier to create a space where they feel at ease.

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