5 Medical Supplies You Should Buy Before You Need Them

5 Medical Supplies You Should Buy Before You Need Them

The idea that you should only buy what you need can save you money, but when it comes to medical supplies, it is sometimes bad advice. These five medical supplies are items you should keep on hand, even if you don’t need them. Doing so will prepare you for the day when you do.


It is important to keep many different types of bandages on hand, from small adhesive bandages to large trauma dressings. Keeping these items on hand will help you prepare to cover wounds and stop bleeding until you can get to a medical center for further attention. Make sure you also keep roller gauze or adhesive tape on hand to secure any non-stick bandages.

Sterile Gloves

If you are helping someone with a wound, you should never touch it with your bare hands because doing so can transmit diseases and also contaminate the wound. Make sure to keep several pairs of gloves on hand at all times, and always put them on before treating someone wound or exposing yourself to someone’s blood or other bodily fluids.

Turkey Baster or Bulb Suction Device

A turkey baster or other bulb suction device can be used to clean a wound before dressing it. Keeping a dedicated one on hand in a first-aid kit will help you make sure you have one readily available that is clean and free from dirt and dust. It you ever need to use it, you will be able to find it easily if it’s in a first-aid kit.

Eyewash Solution

If you or someone else gets something toxic or harmful in their eyes, you will not likely have much time to find something to wash the harmful substance out. You definitely won’t have enough time to make a trip to the store to buy eyewash solution. Make sure to keep eyewash solution on hand so if you ever need to flush eyes out, you’ll have something available that’s ready to go.

Dermabond or Super Glue

If you or someone in your household sustains a cut that will not seal, Dermabond or super glue can close the wound until you can get to a medical center for stitches. Dermabond is available with a prescription, but super glue or liquid stitches can also seal a wound and are available without a prescription from a doctor.

Keep these five medical supplies on hand and you will be prepared for many medical emergencies. Stocking your medicine cabinet with these items will help you respond appropriately in the event that you need them.


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