5 Great Fashion Trends This Spring

5 Great Fashion Trends This Spring

The Spring 2018 runways were full of exciting ideas for any wardrobe. These ideas can be used in any wardrobe with some creative thinking. The great variety of trends for this season means that anyone can find a look that fits their personality and sense of style.

1. Mixed Prints and Florals

One constant among all the Fashion Week shows is the presence of mixed prints. Florals, plaids, checks, and geometric prints were all worn together in bold and exciting combinations. This would be an easy look for anyone to incorporate into their wardrobe, combining pieces from past seasons. However, it’s probably not for the faint of heart.

2. Fringe

Fringed pieces were at the forefront of many collections, such as Calvin Klein. On the runway, fringes swing out from shoulder height and go as long as a yard, but for everyday fashionistas, shorter and more practical lengths are available. Look for boots or a purse with a fringe, making the strands as narrow as possible to get that updated appearance.

3. Scrunchies

Scrunchies, or cloth-covered hair elastics, were wardrobe staples in the 1990s. The trend has come back in full force with runway designers like Balenciaga. This is one of the easiest trends to wear, and can even be made at home by DIY crafters. These accessories are practical, comfortable, and easy on your hair.

4. Brand Logos

One trend that has never really gone away is bold company logos. Emporio Armani and other designers featured them heavily in runway shows. Like scrunchies, this trend hearkens back to the 1980s and 1990s, but new silhouettes give an updated effect. This is one of the easier runway looks to duplicate at home, provided you can afford a branded T-shirt or sweatshirt.

5. Lavender

All-lavender outfits were featured heavily on the runway. Lavender is this season’s pink. One of the most popular ways to wear this trend is head-to-toe, giving a monochromatic look. All lavender would make a classy work outfit, much more understated than all pink. Try a blazer, tank, skirt or pants, and shoes to pull the whole outfit together.

Runway looks don’t have to be too extreme or intimidating. For extra effect, mix and match these five trends to give your wardrobe a fresh and updated spin. If you are looking to make a bold impression, try a mixed print outfit with a bright scrunchie and a fringed bag. If you are interested in a more subtle effect, try the all-lavender ensemble for work.

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