5 Great Bridesmaid Dress Trends for This Summer

Just like in the fashion industry, there are many things that change each year when it comes to wedding planning. Couples have to decide what details matter most to them as it relates to their big day. This means considering apparel, colors, and venues. The Wedding Wire reported that approximately 18K couples got married in 2018. There are those who announced engagements and will marry this year.

Planning ceremonies and other wedding events can be a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. The apparel worn for these events is extremely important, which is why finding the right bridesmaid dresses is critical. These are dresses that must harmonize with the theme of the wedding, as well as, it’s the color scheme. Choosing these dresses will involve considering the season and also the venue.

Here are 5 Great Bridesmaid Dress Trends for This Summer:

1 – Create Seasonal Celebrations

Although many summer styles focus on casual details, this doesn’t have to be the approach for weddings. Formal dresses for bridesmaids can be found in varying lengths and styles. It is possible to find these to accommodate a particular theme. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, couples may choose to create seasonal celebrations with these ceremonies. Here are some dresses to consider:

* One-Shoulder Toga Bodice Dresses

* Long V-Neck Gathered Waist Gowns

* Halter Tea Length Dresses

* Sleeveless Tulle Layered Gowns

2 – Introduce Summer Colors

Those planning these special day events understand the importance of color. Every wedding has a set of colors that are repeated in both apparel and décor. Summer is a perfect season for introducing bright and vibrant colors. Crimson Red, Sunny Yellow, and Lime Green are just a few examples in this category. These can be used for long formal dresses or short sassy styles.

3 – Showcase Different Dress Styles

One creative way to make your bridesmaid dresses unique is to utilize different styles. Brides.com presents a contemporary approach for 2019. These are dresses that are the same color but showcase different styles. They can be the same length with appearances that differ. Ceremonies with 4 or more bridesmaids will offer guests a new way to consider these dresses or gowns.

4 – Embrace the Season

Showing a bit of skin is what summer is all about when considering fashion. This is the case when it comes to wedding apparel, as well. The top and bodice of the dress is one area to focus on with these details. Tank, Cross Body, One-Shoulder, and Sleeveless features are fun and allow bridesmaids to embrace the season. These can be found in many different styles.

5 – Mimic Wedding Dress Features

Some couples will want to find bridesmaid dresses that mimic the features of the wedding dress. This could be anything from its fabric or decorative details. Summer dresses with shorter lengths can be found that meet this goal. Sequins, pearls, and lace layers are other features to look for when harmonizing with wedding dresses.

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