5 Easy Rules to Expertly Pair Fine Wines and Foods

As summer wanes and the urge to linger in the kitchen gets stronger, it’s time to think about putting great dishes and wonderful wine together. Finding wines to work well with the sweet flavors of fall may take some research. However, no matter your favorite fall dishes, you can find a pairing to suit all tastes.

On the Light Side

Planning a get together around a firepit? Mix up a bath of Autumn Harvest White Sangria. This light and sparkling fall treat will pair well with creamy cheeses, whole wheat rolls and crackers, and a touch of smoked salmon. The apples floating in the glass will give your guests a treat for eyes, nose and taste buds.

Warm Up With Reds

Fall dishes often have a bit more fat in the mix. Pork dishes pair well with fruit, so why not pair Pork Chops With Beet Puree with a luscious glass of Malbec from South America? Argentinian Malbecs have a full fruit flavor loaded with plum and black cherry. A glass of Malbec, paired with pork, will put a special stamp on the flavors of fall.

Add Some Sparkle

You don’t have to put away your favorite sparkling whites when summer ends. Fall is rich with the flavor of pear, pumpkin and apple. Consider putting together a fruit salad or appetizer plate loaded with fresh pears, sliced apples and sectioned oranges. Add a savory fruit dip that includes some salted caramel, open a bottle of cold pinot gris or sparkling Prosecco, and enjoy!

Root Vegetables Can Shine

Hearty root vegetables, slowly roasted with butter, offer a great depth of flavor and are often more than just a side dish. Pair them with a luscious Cabernet, beef roast and wheat bread for a delicious and comforting meal when the temperatures drop.

Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

Not only is chardonnay a great wine to pair with turkey, you can use it to baste your bird. Try an unoaked chardonnay for a truly fruit-forward flavor and be sure to keep it very cold before serving. This lightly flavored beverage will make rich mashed potatoes and the other delicious sides of Thanksgiving all the more flavorful.

There’s something comforting about snuggling up to the stove when fall arrives. No matter which wines you prefer, you can find a great bottle to pair with the flavors of autumn. With sweet fruits, use crisp whites or your favorite sparkler. Hearty vegetables and roasted meats will pair well with a velvety red.

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