5 Car Games for Kids During Your Move

You are moving. You are pre-planning, packing and double-checking all of the things you have to take. In the meantime, your children do not quite understand what you are going through and, on their end, are bored with all the waiting and traveling. If you are traveling across the country and preparing to travel for hours on end, make sure that your little ones have something to keep them engaged to make their and your ride easier.

Name Game

This game is simple and can be played by everyone in the car. It does not require the participants looking down at books or devices. To play the game, pick a category. This could be anything like animals, plants, TV shows or cities. The first person names an item from the category. If you chose cities, the first person might say Chicago. The second person must say a city that starts with the last letter of Chicago. The chain keeps on going until the last person cannot make up another name.

Treasure Hunt

This game takes a little pre-planning on your side, but it is well worth it. As long as you generally know the things you will encounter along the way, make a list of those things. This could be objects as simple as a certain street sign, a certain animal or a type of car. During the ride, the children will have to find those things and check them off one by one.

Create a Story

Children love their world of imagination. This game is one with a huge potential to turn into something extremely fun and hilarious for everyone. One person starts telling a story. They stop at a certain point, and the other continues it.

The Quiet Game

If you want some precious moments of silence, you can play this game with your children. The rule of the game is that the first one that ruins the silence is the ‘monkey.’ Children will be motivated to stay quiet for longer periods to avoid being the ‘monkey.’

Objects of a Story

As a parent, you get to choose two, three or more objects for your children to create a story out of. These objects could be simple things or fairy-tale objects. Each child has the job of creating a story that has these objects inside of it.

Making it Fun

Each day is a new memory for your child with you. When moving out of an old home to a new place, your children will need more emotional support to get used to the new place anyhow. Make sure that they are having fun along the way with these simple but engaging games that will leave them with great first impressions of their new home.

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