5 Apparel Basics for Mountain Climbing

If your hobby is mountain climbing, then it’s important to stay safe by wearing the proper apparel. The right apparel will also make climbing easier and more comfortable. Here are five apparel basics for mountain climbing.

A Wicking T-Shirt 

In the clothing industry, technology continues to bring change. Wicking fabric is one of these beneficial changes. The fabric pulls moisture away from your body, increasing your personal comfort when you’re making your way up a mountain. Wear a light colored one when you’re hiking on hot days. Also, you don’t need anything fancy. A regular workout shirt will work just fine.

Base Layer 

Hiking up a mountain requires a long sleeve base layer. Look for one made from a light synthetic material that comes with long sleeves for extra protection. It’s also a good idea to get one that has a zip style neckline. That way, you’ll have a way to give yourself some ventilation.

Thin Insulation Layer 

A thin insulation layer is a good idea because it will keep you warm without making you too hot. It’s also an easy thing to take off if you should become uncomfortably heated. Consider an item that has a hood for an extra layer of protection. Make sure that it fits closely to your body as well as over the base layer. A thin insulation layer is great for climbs that are likely to take you into different temperatures.

A Soft Jacket 

Get a softshell jacket. Versatile, this apparel piece is perfect for most mountain climbing situations including climbs to snowy mountain peaks or ones that are green due to high levels of humidity. A softshell jacket is likely to become your favorite thing to bring with you when you go climbing. This item is available in different types of material, but one that’s waterproof may be best.

Insulated Parka 

When selecting your insulated parka, be sure to get one with an attached hood. Climbing into the mountains is usually accompanied by cool weather. It might be hard to have fun doing the activity if you’re chilled to the bone. An insulated parka with a hood will prevent that. If you intend to climb up large mountains like Denali, Vinson or Ama Dablam, then go with a heavier coat. As with your softshell jacket, you’ll want one that’s waterproof. It’s also best to invest in a parka that’s warm but not puffy. That way, your movements won’t be impeded.

Mountain Climbing Apparel Will Help You Reach Your Goals 

Mountain climbing is a rewarding and challenging thing to do. It’s also an activity that exposes you to the elements. To stay safe, be sure to invest in the proper apparel. Doing so will help you reach your goals.

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