4 Things To Consider Before Booking A Keynote Speaker

A well delivered keynote address can be quite the accomplishment. A little preparation and a few key considerations can help make it easier to get behind the podium. For professionals who are hoping to use an upcoming speech or address in order to give their career prospects a boost, there are a few issues that will need to be addressed.

1. The Audience

Writing a speech with the wrong audience in mind can be disastrous. Knowing who they will be addressing helps to ensure that speakers are able to stay focused, on-topic and effective with their efforts from the start of their speech to the very end. Even minor details regarding the composition or disposition of the intended audience can provide helpful insight for writing a speech that will be both memorable and effective.

2. The Mood

From a more somber and respectful retirement speech to the more upbeat and festive addresses that can be expected at an expo, corporate party or other function, the mood of the crowd is not a consideration that should go overlooked. A common mistake made by many novice speakers is to develop one tone for their address and then stick to it. Last minute complications and unforeseen circumstances can radically alter the mood and atmosphere of an event, so preparing a few different versions of the same speech or experimenting in order to find the right tone can often be a smart move.

3. The Venue

Having to deliver a speech in an environment that the speaker is not familiar or comfortable with can be a major disadvantage. Larger crowds can be daunting and getting up in front of a packed venue can give even the most seasoned speakers the jitters. If possible, speakers should try to visit the venue beforehand in order to get a better feel for the space and environment.

4. Topic and Tone

Too much humor can detract from the subject of an address or leave speakers looking flippant and tone-deaf. By the same token, speeches that are too dry can quickly begin to feel tedious and boring. Whether or not the speaker will be able to strike the right balance between content and levity is always a consideration that should be dealt with ahead of time.

Preparing for a Keynote Speech

Speaking in public can be difficult, especially for those who have little experience addressing a crowd. Seeking out additional tips, setting aside plenty of time in order to practice an address or working with a coach or a more experienced friend or associate in order to perfect the delivery of an address can all make an important difference. A little practice and plenty of preparation time could be all it takes to deliver a more successful speech.

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