4 Strategies for Recruiting Employees to Work at a Nonprofit

4 Strategies for Recruiting Employees to Work at a Nonprofit

recent study found that over 83 percent of Executives list talent acquisition as very important for the future of the organization. In a competitive market with low unemployment the tables have turned and the job candidate now controls the hiring process.

These unique market trends can present some difficulties in hiring top talent especially in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits face even more challenges than the for-profit sector with their smaller budgets and lack of resources. Here are a few tips for nipping these challenges and recruiting employees to work at a nonprofit:

Value Human Resources
Many nonprofit organizations lack the resources to fully develop a Human Resources team. However, slacking in this realm can be a major mistake. Human Resources professionals play a huge role in designing a positive workplace and managing the recruitment and hiring process. It’s in the best interest of every nonprofit to hire an HR professional or outsource the work to a third party company.

Think Outside the Box
A uniquely designed benefits package can have a huge impact on an employee’s decision to join an organization. As a nonprofit you may be able to offer some unique benefits that more corporate organizations can’t provide. Opportunities like flex hours, community service days, and health and wellness promotions are just a few unique suggestions.
Tug at the Heart
Most people join the nonprofit sector with a desire to make a difference. People want rewarding work and it’s in the best interest of every nonprofit to highlight their humanitarian efforts. A summary of the organization’s work and impact is a great attention grabber on any job description. Additionally, the interview process should include a few mentions of the organization’s community work.

Leverage Job Boards
It’s also a good idea to post your job in all the right places. You can’t expect to find a quality candidate if you only post your job on your company’s website. Leverage job boards like LinkedIn, Career Builder, and Monster. You can also enlist the help of your local nonprofit bureau. Either way, you’ll want to push out your job opening as much as you can to reach a wide audience.

These are just a few of the many ways nonprofit organizations can recruit quality employees. There are many challenges in the nonprofit sector, but with a little time and thought you’ll be well on your way to hiring a great team!

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