4 Savvy Tricks for Efficiently Mowing Your Lawn

4 Savvy Tricks for Efficiently Mowing Your Lawn

Lawn mowing is the most basic and common yet essential household activity you can undertake. Despite being basic, lawn mowing is quite demanding as far as the need for efficiency and being thorough is concerned. Lawn mowing demands some basic and highly essential skills and competencies that you must apply. Here as 4 of these basic savvy tips that you must keep in mind when mowing your lawns.


Plan the mowing exercise in advance


Nothing makes you better prepared as compared to planning your activities in advance. Lawn mowing is no exception. Advanced planning gives you an opportunity to scan the area you intend to mow in order to come up with a mowing plan in terms of how you will go about it. Scouring the area would also give you an opportunity to take note of the pertinent landscape features that you need to be wary of. For instance, tree stumps and stones on the ground can damage your mower if you run on them unexpectedly. Advance-planning also gives you an idea of the areas that need to be approached with caution such as slopes.


Mower maintenance


Often, you may tend to forget and neglect your mower, especially given the fact that it is used less often as compared to other backyard tools. Your lawn mower needs attention before and after the mowing exercise. Before mowing, ensure you check your machine’s blades for sharpness and that they are properly fastened. Also, check the engine oil, the blade guards, and the tire pressures to ensure that they are in their optimal operating position. Such inspection ensures that your mowing exercise goes as smoothly as possible.


Put on personal protection equipment (PPE)


Mowing can be risky. The rotary speeds of the lawn mower blades are so high that they can launch pieces of grass and other debris on the ground at high speeds that which can cause injury when lodged on a sensitive part of the body such as eyes. Always endeavor to use PPE such as goggles to protect your eyes, gloves to protect your hands, and gumboots to protect your legs from injury.


Mow to the right height


Whereas this is a preference setting, mowing should be done only to the recommended height. It is, however, recommended that you mow your grass to a level that is sufficient to allow for aesthetic appealing of the lawn. Most experts recommend a height of between 3-5 centimeters. The height can be adjusted accordingly on your mower. You should, however, avoid cutting the grass too short as it leaves the grass vulnerable to weather elements. Scalping the ground removes the foliage which implies that the grass would have a tough time spouting and may thus dry up.

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