4 Safety Practices Every Shooting Range Should Implement

4 Safety Practices Every Shooting Range Should Implement

Safe shooting depends on everyone at the range maintaining good habits. The range can help with that by having a few basic safety rules. Those rules will combine with the good habits of the shooters to keep everyone as safe as possible while shooting.

Maintain Safety Areas

safety area is a part of the range that is set up so people can handle their unloaded firearms. Ammunition should be strictly banned within the safety area to make sure that there can be no accidents.

This offers a few benefits to the shooters. The biggest advantage is that it keeps people out of the shooting area until they are ready to fire, while still giving them a place where they can pack, clean, or otherwise handle their weapon. It also makes life easier to the supervising range officer, since they don’t need to keep a close eye on the people who are in the safety area.

Teach Gun Safety

Most shooters will be familiar with basic gun safety when they go to the range, but the problems generally come from the ones who are not. The range can help to prevent problems by teaching regular classes on gun safety. They are great for new shooters, and they can even be a useful marketing tool to attract people that are interested in guns. Some ranges that offer memberships even require new members to take a gun safety test before they can make use of the facilities. This won’t stop people from being careless, but it does make sure that there will be no accidents due to ignorance at the range.

One Discipline At Once

There are a lot of different shooting disciplines out there, and many of them have unique rules. It can be challenging for a range officer to manage different disciplines at the same time, and the variety of rules can make it difficult for shooters to understand what their peers are doing at any given time. Chaos is a recipe for disaster at the range, so it is best to prevent problems by ensuring that only one discipline is active at a time. Most ranges have casual target shooting available at most times, and restrict the others to special areas or temporary events.

Stay In The Lane

Each shooter or shooting group should have a specific lane at the range. Firing across the lanes should be banned to make it easier to tell where the bullets are going. This also tends to make the shooters happier, since it prevents other shooters from hitting their targets and making it harder to judge the results of their session. Most people will follow this rule on their own, but it is always best to have reminders for the handful that will not.

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