4 Important Factors When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’ve been arrested for a criminal act, you need an attorney that can provide you with a proper defense. Since a criminal record will follow you for life, you want to make sure you avoid any serious charges. There are numerous attorneys in your area that can assist you, but you want to make sure that you have the best defense to thwart huge fines and jail time. The goal is to ensure you get a favorable plea bargain or are handed a verdict of “not guilty.” Before you pay a retainer and hire a defense lawyer, here are four things you need to consider.

1. Learn Communication and Call Back Procedures

When you attend the initial consultation, take notice of their communication skills. Do they seem interested in what you have to say, or are you just another number in their caseload? You want an attorney that will listen to you and works within your comfort level. Also, be sure to ask if they text, use attorney/client email, or send messages through social media. Do they have the policy to contact you back within a specific time frame? These are all things you want to know upfront. Nothing is more frustrating than a lawyer that doesn’t have time for their clients.

2. Know Their Reputation

Some charges, like a traffic ticket, can be handled by just about any attorney. However, when it comes to severe criminal convictions like drug trafficking, DUI, and felonies, you want someone that has a proven track record of success. Do some research on the internet and see what other clients are saying about the lawyer. Don’t be afraid to ask about their victories and losses. Most reputable firms have this information readily available.

3. Gauge Their Experience

How long has this attorney been practicing law? Where did they go to school? How do they fare when it comes to your type of case? You want someone in the courtroom that knows what they’re doing. You don’t want a person who is just out of law school and is using you as a guinea pig for their courtroom experience. Find an attorney that specializes in what you need and make sure they have spent ample time before a judge.

4. Can They Aggressively Fight?

When it comes to facing a judge for criminal charges, you want someone who can aggressively defend you. You want an attorney that is confident and knows how to challenge the District Attorney’s office. The DA doesn’t like some lawyers because they know they can’t win against them. Find that person that intimidates your adversary and hire them.

Facing criminal charges is scary. You want the best defense for your money. Though time is of the essence, make sure to do your research and hire someone adequate for the job at hand.

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