4 Fishing Safety Tips You Should Know

Fishing is a fun and enjoyable activity which is often seen as a relaxing hobby for the majority of people who are looking to find a break from life in the city. The Better Health Channel reports fishing has the highest participation rate of all recreational activities, but fishing can be a dangerous sport. The majority of injuries associated with fishing come from cuts and some from accidental drowning.

1. Never go fishing alone

Fishing is fun but it can also be dangerous with many people injured through simple accidents which can be avoided if you follow a few safety tips. The Weather Channel explains the need for somebody to know where you are fishing in case you do not return home by a specified time. It is important to remember to let somebody know where you plan to go fishing or travel with a friend to make sure your whereabouts are known by somebody who can help you if needed. Another option is to keep a charged cell phone with you at all times when you are fishing in an area with a mobile signal.

2. Never remove embedded hooks by hand

One of the most important things to remember when you are going fishing is to make sure you do not try to use your hands to remove a hook stuck deeply within the mouth of a fish. If a hook needs to be removed from inside the mouth of a fish it is best to use a hook removal piece of equipment or to cut the line as close to the hook as possible to safely release the fish.

3. Dress correctly

The choice of fishing wear and equipment is vital to staying healthy and safe when fishing on land, in a river, or out at sea. Firstly, no matter where you are fishing you need to make sure you are wearing the correct, non-slip footwear which will avoid the issue of slips and falls. being prepared for any changes to the weather which includes carrying a rain jacket and a hat to protect the head from exposure to the sun or cold temperatures of the winter.

4. Stay focused on your goals

Fishing in a river is different from deep sea fishing on a boat. The need to remember basic safety tips is high with one of the main problems being a lack of balance when wading through fast and slow-moving water. A basic safety tip is not to cast your line while still wading leaves you off balance and at rs=sik from falling.

These are just a few safety tips aimed at keeping you safe when fishing. Avoiding the slips and falls that can leave you vulnerable to injury is one of the most important steps you can take. Fishing is fun but takes place in an environment which can cause problems for you if you do not respect your surroundings.

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