4 Direct Mail Marketing Tricks Using 3D Products

Direct marketing is a form of promotion in which marketers reaches out to their target audience directly. Its primary role is to connect marketers with consumers on an individual level to show them that they are a valuable asset. Direct mail marketing involves sending advertising content directly to the mailbox of a target market. The content can be flyers, postcards, letters, or anything mailed to business premises or home directly. Here are a few innovative ways that marketers can use 3D products for direct marketing.

3D Mailers

One trick that marketers can use to differentiate their direct mail marketing is to use different textures. However, there is more to setting a mail marketing campaign apart from the rest. For example, a marketer can send 3D mailers in any 3D design such as a tube or box. That will spike the curiosity of customers and prompt them to open a mail instead of just throwing it away.

Engagement and Customization

The potential of 3D products in direct marketing means that marketers can make every mail unique and more outstanding than what a traditional mail marketing campaign can. That allows consumers to personalize and customize their ideas according to their needs. A reliable and effective digital marketing campaign should showcase the benefits that 3D printing technology brings to potential customers.

Speed and Cost

One of the challenges innovators and companies are facing today is making 3D printing technology effective enough to allow marketing consumer products in bulk. However, 3D printing technology could soon increase the lead time between the ideas of a designer becoming available for sale and becoming a reality. That will reduce costs and shorten the development period, which will make it easier for brands to integrate their online and offline marketing strategies. It will also bridge the gap between facilitating a more personal and immediate communication level.

Use of QR Codes

Quick response codes are an excellent way for marketers to connect their digital marketing effort to mail campaigns. QR codes are simple barcodes that marketers can scan with their mobile devices and print on a piece of flyer, letter, or postcard. Marketers can customize a QR code through a single scan and use it to take their customers anywhere they want. For example, marketers can use 3D printing technology to create a QR code that can direct potential customers to a landing page. The presence of QR codes on a mail is now self-explanatory and easy to follow, given that many people are familiar with these codes.

Direct mail marketing can contribute a lot to the awareness of brand awareness and its promotion efforts. Whether the goal of a marketer is to drive bottom –funnel sales or stay on top-of-mind, build a direct marketing strategy that matches it.

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