4 Cruise Destinations to Look Out for in 2017

4 Cruise Destinations to Look Out for in 2017

Exciting things are going to happen in the cruise industry very soon. More than 20,335,000 people have already taken a cruise. The industry adds $37.85 billion to the United States economy alone. According to Huffington Post, cruisers should choose the right time of year to cruise to different destinations. Cruisers will be enjoying some new exciting destinations around the globe. Therefore, there are four destinations that cruisers need to look out for in 2017.

Arctic Circle

AIDA Cruise line is the largest in Germany. They have ordered three new ships to be added to their fleet in 2017. One of those ships will be making cruises from Hamburg, Germany, to Bodø , Norway, which is north of the Arctic Circle. Expect this destination to include exciting fishing in the world’s strongest tidal current, cruising when the sun never sets and to be treated to outstanding rock concerts as the city is already home to two large music festivals.

Strait Point, Alaska

While cruises to Alaska have been very popular for a number of years, Disney Cruise Line is adding Strait Point, Alaska, as a strop for the very first time. Cruising near this point will allow people to see Hubbard Glacier which is the most active tidewater glacier in the United States. Guests can also explore some of the longest and highest ziplines in the world running over 5,330 feet and dropping more than 1,300 feet on the ride that lasts more than 90 seconds.


More cruisers will get to see the beautiful city of Amsterdam than ever before with Costa Cruise Lines announcing that they will be sailing from this exciting port year round starting in 2017. The city contains more than 7,000 historical buildings with many being open for exploration. Art lovers are amazed at the variety of work found in this old-world city’s four art museums. Others love to visit the Anne Frank House and Rembrandt’s home in this city. Amsterdam has over 62 miles of beautiful canals to walk along.


The Galapagos will be seeing more cruisers with the addition of some small ships to the area which has been dominated by Celebrity Cruise Lines and Norwegian. During 2017, Lindblad Expeditions will add one of their new National Geographic cruise ships to this exciting port of call. These small ships are designed to allow cruisers to get closer to wildlife than a big ship can get. Cruisers will be able to visit the Charles Darwin Research Center, walk on pristine beaches where animals have no fear of humans and snorkel among the marine wildlife including sea turtles and sea lions. According to Huffington Post, there is no place on earth quite like the Galapagos Islands.

Cruising will be exciting in 2017. The industry is incredibly safe. Over 80 percent of cruisers say that they would gladly recommend a cruise to their friends while most look forward to going on another cruise very soon.

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