3 Simple Ways to Set your Exterior Signage Apart

Exterior signage can have a significant effect on the visibility of potential patrons. A few tweaks can make a difference between just another sign on the street or one that stands out amongst them all. Signs don’t have to break the budget in order to be effective.

Consider the Visual Field

When placing exterior signage on a busy street, it is important to consider the ability to see the sign. If your business is on a multiple lane street, then the distance will need to be considered. For every ten feet, the font should increase by one inch. The U.S. Standard lane width is 12 feet. If you are located on a four-lane street equaling 48 feet across, then the letters of the sign should be four to five inches for optimal visibility.

Choose Contrasting Colors

One significant way to make exterior signage stand out can be as simple as a contrast between the background and the font. The center of the eye is the most sensitive to colors, but in a passing vehicle, peripheral vision should be considered. If your business is on a busy street having a sign that catches the corner of the eye can be most effective.

When choosing which contrasting colors are for you, first consider your business. Is there a color associated with your logo, product or service? Consistency should be a priority. White is best kept for the letters on a dark background. Do not choose colors that are close in hue, like orange letters on a yellow background. It will be difficult to read. If those are the colors of your logo or product, consider outlining the letters in black to make them stand out. Use a color wheel for the best optimization if you are not sure.

Design Efficiency

Speed limits greatly affect the reading time of a passing motorist. You must consider that the person reading the sign should have enough time to read it, then possibly change lanes to come into the business. That is the goal, right. For example, if the speed limit is 25 miles per hour a driver will have only about six seconds and a capacity to read up to eight words.

Be precise with the information that is included with the name of your business. You may also choose a reflective or illuminated sign that is visible after sundown. Keep the font simple. Script can be very attractive, but not easy to read while driving.

A sign serves as the first impression of your business. Harsh colors can be off-putting while dull signs can be forgettable. Soften the harshness and punch up the bland and you will have a sign that is attractive and drives patrons your way.

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