3 Reasons Crawl Space Insulation is a Major Factor

3 Reasons Crawl Space Insulation is a Major Factor

One of the major reasons to install crawlspace insulation is energy efficiency. The insulation can make your entire home more energy efficient, which can save you money. Without the insulation, conditioned air is lost through your home’s floor.

Insulation is great for preserving air quality and reducing how much money you pay for energy. The two major types of crawlspaces are unventilated and ventilated. Each type requires a different type of insulation. Many homes have a mild to moderate moisture problem.

Insulation for the crawlspace could be the key to fixing the issue. If you frequently have your thermostat cranked up, but the floors in your home are still cold, then it’s likely that you have an issue with your crawlspace.

If you don’t have any insulation installed in this area, then you’re losing energy efficiency and opening up your home to a wide range of problems.

3 Reasons Crawlspace Insulation Is Very Important

For homeowners who haven’t insulated their home’s crawlspace, there are several reasons why it’s important. First, insulation is important because it will increase the resale value of the home.

It’s true that it can cost quite a bit of money to have a crawlspace insulated, but over time, you’ll be able to recoup your initial investment. Without the insulation, you’ll have to run your furnace for much longer periods of time, and we all know that it isn’t cheap to continuously run the furnace.

Second, insulation helps to keep outside air where it belongs. The insulation inside of your crawlspace will work with the insulation inside the rest of your home and keep outside air from entering your home.

It’s nearly impossible to keep all outside air from entering your home, but insulation will keep air infiltration to a minimum. In other words, the insulation will reduce the amount of money that you must pay for heating and cooling. It will also prevent your equipment from having to work really hard.

Third, crawlspace insulation helps to keep irritants and allergens out of your home. The insulation makes it difficult for allergens to enter into your home’s ventilation system, which keeps the air inside of your home clean. There are several benefits of breathing clean air.

How Crawlspaces Are Insulated

Spray foam is usually the most effective type of insulation for ventilated crawlspaces. However, most are unventilated. In these situations, spray foam is usually sprayed on the walls of the foundation.

Fiberglass is another type of insulation, but it’s not used nearly as frequently as spray foam, and it’s usually not as effective. These are the three major reasons why crawlspace insulation is one of the most important components of a home.


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