3 Keys Features to Have in an Apartment

Finding a new apartment means spending a lot of time looking at available units and deciding if you could call the place home for several years. Looking for specific features that make the unit a good choice for you is the key to finding the right place. As you look for the right apartment, keep these three features in mind. If they are not present, that unit is not for you.

Location Matters 

You begin evaluating apartments even before you step inside. That’s because where the unit is located makes a big difference. It’s not just about choosing a part of town that’s known for a lower rate of crime. You also want something that is close to the places you like to go most often.

Consider how close the apartment happens to be to your place of employment. That’s especially a factor in a large city. Did you know that rush hour traffic in a major city could mean a trip across town to your employer might take up to two hours? Think of how much easier it would be if you could use public transportation or at least not have more than a half-hour drive to and from work.

An Energy Efficient Place to Live 

While many landlords include water and garage collection in the rental cost, who pays the electric and gas bills? If it happens to be you, make sure the place is energy efficient. That means proper insulation so it takes less energy to heat and cool the space. You also want energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen and a water heater that requires relatively little energy to keep you supplied with plenty of hot water.

A Price You Can Afford 

The last thing you want to do is lease an apartment with a rental cost that consumes most of your monthly net income. Many landlords and property managers stipulate that the income of potential tenants must be enough to ensure it takes no more than a quarter of that income to cover the rent. Others don’t have this type of requirement, so you have to police yourself.

Remember that focusing on units that are affordable means there is money to invest in furnishings, pursuing hobbies, and doing other things that make life more enjoyable. Avoid having to stay home all the time in order to make the rent and you will enjoy your apartment a lot more.

Remember that there is no such thing as the perfect apartment. What appeals to you may be less than ideal for someone else. Forget what others think you should choose and go with one that has a blend of practicality, lower household costs, and features you consider important. Once you find such a place, it will be a true home for a long time.

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