3 Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lovers in Your Life

3 Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lovers in Your Life

As cigar use increases, you may find that you know more and more people who enjoy this ritualistic hobby. For the cigar connoisseur, however, cigar smoking is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life. While cigar accessories are a common and appropriate gift choice for these more distinguished cigar smokers, there are other, unique gifts on the market. Because it’s easy to get lost in the dizzying array of cigar accessories, sometimes it’s best to choose something a bit simpler. Cigar-related home decor, travel humidors, and cigar club memberships are only a few of the possible gift ideas for the cigar smoker in your life.

Cigar Shadow Box
A shadow box is a case with a protective, transparent front, used for displaying small objects. These deep frames often feature a backdrop. For the cigar lover, a shadow box could be a way to store discarded cigar bands to showcase the different types and styles of cigars he’s enjoyed. Backdrop ideas include quotes, images, or even the logo for his favorite cigar brand. A cigar shadow box looks exquisite in an office, bedroom, or—for the wealthier cigar enthusiast—an aging room.

Travel Humidor
A cigar aficionado likely has one or more cigar humidors. A travel cigar humidor, however, is a bit different. Travel humidors are more compact and allow a cigar smoker to keep his cigars in optimal conditions while on-the-go. These portable humidors come in many shapes in sizes, with some holding up to sixty cigars. To add a personal touch, some companies offer custom engraving on humidors. Whether on a business trip or vacation, the cigar-lover in your life will be able to keep his stogies fresh and aromatic.

Membership to a Cigar Club
There are hundreds of cigar companies that offer a monthly membership for a “Cigar of the Month” club. Every month, members receive a cigar and sometimes, cigar accessories, to enjoy. Because choosing a gift for your cigar-loving friend can be difficult, cigar clubs are a foolproof way to give him what he wants.

If the cigar devotee you know is already a member of a cigar club, consider a gift card to his favorite cigar dealer. This is a personal gift that allows him the freedom to choose what he knows he wants and not what you think he wants.

When it comes to gifts for the cigar lover in your life, cigar accessories are an acceptable choice. If you know little of cigars, you can opt for a more unique style of cigar-related gifts. From home decor to cigar club memberships, your cigar aficionado is sure to appreciate the gesture.

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