3 Essential Steps to Take Before Giving Your Pet CBD Oil

3 Essential Steps to Take Before Giving Your Pet CBD Oil

Within the growing cannabis market, you may have heard the term ‘CBD’, and even seen it on the shelves at your local store. CBD is a part of the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive and becoming used the world over by everyone, and yes, even their pets! As CBD doesn’t contain THC, the chemical in marijuana that gets an individual ‘high’, studies have shown that CBD is perfectly safe. Safe for your pets and can help with numerous ailments. However, there are a several important facts and steps you should take before dosing your furry friend.

1. CONSULT YOUR VET. This is obvious for a variety of reasons. Mainly, if you believe your pet to be ill or in pain, talk to your vet about the issue. There may be an underlying cause of your pets poor health that may need immediate attention. Please, don’t diagnose your pets alone. Also, your vet can give you a good idea as to the dosage your pet needs.

2. BUY CBD AS A TINCTURE. This usually comes in a plastic measuring syringe. The reason for this is CBD is very potent, and a little goes a long way. However safe CBD may be, you will want to accurately measure the dosage out every single time. This gives you an idea to how your pet reacts, and can increase or decrease the dosage if a set amount is given consistently, and recorded.

3. BUY QUALITY CBD. There is plenty of brands of CBD on the market, and as you expect, various qualities. Think of it like pet food. The cheap food is filler and largely unhealthy for your pet. CBD is extracted from cannabis, and some extraction methods use chemicals, and some do not. CBD Quality Look for chemical free CBD to ensure your pet gets the best care you can provide. You can also ask your local dispensary, feed store, or search online for pet specific CBD products.

Specific dosing charts Dosage, treatments, legal, and general CBD discussions can be found at any growing number of websites for more information to assist those who are unsure about providing CBD to their pets. CBD has been shown to reduce/treat several ailments including cancer and heart murmurs in dogs and cats. CBD has also shown to severely reduce pain from arthritis, as well as relaxing anxious animals. Whatever your reason for considering CBD for our animals, please practice safety, as you would with any medication

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